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  From farm to table, Fitz Fresh produces the highest quality mushrooms, a healthy food you can feel good about enjoying.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

People who know the Fitz Fresh name also know the environment plays a crucial role in its daily operation. The farm manages all of the process water from farm operations, with no runoff into neighboring watersheds or surrounding eco-systems.

Fitz Fresh proactively and independently implemented procedures that far exceed local, state and federal environmental standards. The Natural Resources Conservation Services, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency have praised these proactive efforts in water conservation.

The farm operation is a model of sustainable agriculture. Composting utilizes baled wheat straw and other ingredients which are agricultural by-products to produce a valuable food crop. Integrated Pest Management practices (IPM) have long been used in managing pests and diseases.

For the slopes of the farm that border the Watsonville slough system, in particular the neighboring Struve slough, no pesticides or herbicides are used. The Fitz staff is working in cooperation with the wetlands groups for best practices to manage invasive plant species.

At the end of each crop, the spent mushroom compost is a valuable horticultural mulch and soil conditioner.

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