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  From farm to table, Fitz Fresh produces the highest quality mushrooms, a healthy food you can feel good about enjoying.
Fitz Fresh, a Watsonville, California mushroom farm, is both unique and innovative, producing the highest quality produce while protecting the surrounding eco-system on their farm property.

The farm produces three distinct varieties of mushrooms: white button, crimini and portabella, which are produced on 20 acres of land.

Fitz Fresh has an impressive portfolio of long time clients, including restaurants, markets and distributors throughout California.

Fitz Fresh, Inc. looks forward to continuing its tradition of drawing on generations of experience to produce the highest quality mushrooms while institutionalizing sustainable, innovative growing practices.


                           Fitz Fresh
     P.O. Box 1450
        Freedom, CA 95019
             Tel: 831.763.4440
            Fax: 831.722.7109




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